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Used 44W3394 2GB Flash Raid 5 Cache for ServeRAID M5200 Series. If you need a certain bracket length please contact us prior to purchase.The ServeRAID M5200 Series Flash/RAID 5 Upgrade protects the integrity of the cached data on the ServeRAID M5210 SAS/SATA Controller for the IBM system by providing backup power if there is any sort of power outage be it short term or a complete AC outage. The modules are attached to the controller and connected by cable to the remote power module. The remote power module provides the power to off-load cached data from the DRAM to the non-volatile flash memory on the transportable memory modules. The DRAM contents are then restored to the transportable memory modules the next time the controller is powered on. Cached data can then be written to the storage devices.

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IBM 44W3394 2GB Flash Raid 5 Cache for ServeRAID M5200 Series

SKU: 50135
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