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The HPE 737955-001 8GB USB Flash Media Key is a high-quality, portable storage solution designed for use with HPE servers and systems. This compact device offers 8GB of storage capacity, making it an ideal option for storing and transferring files, software updates, and other important data.

Featuring a sturdy, durable design, the HPE 737955-001 USB Flash Media Key is built to last, with a rugged metal casing that protects against physical damage and wear and tear. Its small form factor and easy-to-use plug-and-play interface make it a convenient and reliable option for transporting and sharing files between multiple systems. This USB Flash Media Key is compatible with a wide range of HPE servers and systems, and its fast read and write speeds ensure quick and efficient data transfer. Whether you're using it to update firmware, store system configurations, or transfer data between devices, the HPE 737955-001 USB Flash Media Key provides a fast, reliable, and secure storage solution that you can count on.

HPE 737955-001 8GB Flash Media Kit Memory Card

SKU: 43241
  • Our Refurbished products are tested and inspected by our in house technicians.Units may have scratches or other cosmetic imperfections. If you have any concerns about a product please chat with us.
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