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The HPE 7373572-001 is a high-performance hard drive designed for use in enterprise-level storage systems. With a capacity of 450 gigabytes, this 3.5-inch LFF SAS drive provides fast data transfer rates of up to 12 gigabits per second at 15,000 RPM. It is a dual-port, hot-pluggable drive that can be used in HP G1-G7 ProLiant SAS servers and select storage arrays.

This hard drive is designed for hosting high transaction-based applications and comes in both hot-plug and non-hot plug configurations. The HP SAS Enterprise and Midline Hard Drives are available in both 2.5-inch (SFF) and 3.5-inch (LFF) form factors and offer a wide range of capacity points to meet different requirements.

The SAS interface is engineered for high availability, enterprise-class data storage, and provides high-speed data transfer rates, reliability, and data integrity. The HPE 7373572-001 can be used with the 2.5-inch to 3.5-inch LFF Hybrid Adapter Module in the HP 3.5-inch LFF SAS Hot-Plug Hard Drive tray for additional flexibility.

In summary, the HPE 7373572-001 hard drive is a high-performance solution designed for enterprise-level storage needs. With its fast data transfer rates, reliability, and flexibility, it is an excellent choice for high transaction-based applications in HP G1-G7 ProLiant SAS servers and select storage arrays.

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Compatible with:

ProLiant DL Series: DL1000 DL120 (G5 G6 G7) DL140 (G3) DL145 (G3) DL160 (G5 G5p G6 G7) DL160se (G6 G7)
ProLiant DL Series: DL165 (G5 G5p G6 G7) DL170e (G6) DL170h (G6) DL2x170h (G6) DL4x170h (G6)
ProLiant DL Series: DL180 (G5 G6 G7) DL185 (G5) DL320 (G3 G4 G5 G5p G6 G7) DL320sDL370 (G6 G7)
ProLiant DL Series: DL380 (G4 G5 G6 G7) DL385 (G5 G5p G6 G7) DL580 (G4 G5 G6 G7) DL585 (G2 G5 G6 G7)
ProLiant DL Series: DL785 (G5 G6)
ProLiant ML Series: ML110 (G7) ML150 (G5 G6 G7) ML310 (G5p) ML330 (G6) ML350 (G5 G6 G7) ML370 (G5 G6 G7)
HPE Storage arrays: D2600 MDS600 MSA60 60 Modular Array StoreAll 9730
HPE StoreEasy: 1430 1440 1530 1540 1630 1640 1830 1840 5530 X1400 X1500 X1600 X1800 X3400 X3800
HPE StoreVirtual: P4000 P4100 P4300 (G2) P4500 (G2)

HPE 737572-001 450GB 15K 6G 3.5" LFF SAS Internal Hard Drive

SKU: 49696
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