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The VWWF1 Power Supply Unit from Dell provides 2000-watts of reliable power for all your mission-critical applications. This Dell VWWF1 is rated as EPP (Extended Power Performance) and has 80+ Platinum Certification. For AC power supply units, use only power supply units with the Extended Power Performance (EPP) label on the back. Mixing power supply units from previous generations of servers can result in a power supply unit mismatch condition or failure to power on.

When installed in pairs, this hot-plug power supply offers redundancy providing a level of reassurance and ensuring server uptime. When two identical power supplies are installed, power supply redundancy (1+1 - with redundancy or 2+0 - without redundancy) is configured in system BIOS. In redundant mode, power is supplied to the system equally from both power supplies when Hot Spare is disabled. When Hot Spare is enabled, one of the PSUs will be put on standby when system utilization is low in order to maximize efficiency. If two power supply units are used, they must be of the same maximum output power.

Substitute PN:

Compatible With:
Dell PowerEdge C4130
Dell PowerEdge C6400
Dell PowerEdge C6420
Dell PowerEdge FX2 and FX2s
Dell PowerEdge R640
Dell PowerEdge R740
Dell PowerEdge R740XD
Dell PowerEdge R7425
Dell PowerEdge R840
Dell PowerEdge R940

Dell VWWF1 2000W EPP 80 Plus Platinum Hot Plug Power Supply Unit PSU

SKU: 58351
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