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If you choose the Dell FJM3K you can enjoy great performance and safe handling of data for a great price. This Dell HDD is a good and reliable addition to any storage network. The Dell FJM3K’s brisk performance ensures that your data is available instantly. This specific hard drive has a rotational speed of 15000 rpm, meaning that it is able to handle the higher needs of an enterprise. Moreover, the HP FJM3K has 300 GB storage capacity, providing loads of space to store information and various types of files, for example pictures, videos or databases. The FJM3K has great data integrity, protecting you from critical loss or corruption of data. With the installment of one or more FJM3K hard drive you can be sure that your storage network system is ready to support your business operations, and will fulfill all requests in a timely manner.



Dell FJM3K 300GB 15K 6Gbps 3.5" SAS Internal Hard Drive

SKU: 44626
  • Our Refurbished products are tested and inspected by our in house technicians.Units may have scratches or other cosmetic imperfections. If you have any concerns about a product please chat with us.
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