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If you're looking for a high-performance hard drive to improve the storage capacity and speed of your server or storage system, consider the Dell 8WR71-CML 300GB 15K 6Gbps Compellent 2.5" SAS hard drive. This cost-effective and reliable drive delivers impressive speed, capacity, and durability, making it an excellent choice for a wide range of demanding applications and workloads.

This hard drive has been meticulously tested and certified by Dell, ensuring that it meets the highest standards of quality and reliability. With a generous 300GB capacity, this drive provides ample space for storing your critical data, applications, and media files.

Thanks to its 15,000 RPM spindle speed and 6Gbps SAS interface, the Dell 8WR71-CML hard drive delivers lightning-fast data transfer rates and exceptional performance, even when handling large and complex workloads. Its 2.5" form factor makes it easy to install in a variety of storage configurations, while its SAS interface ensures compatibility with a wide range of systems.

Whether you're upgrading your existing storage system or building a new one, the Dell 8WR71-CML 300GB 15K 6Gbps Compellent 2.5" SAS hard drive is an excellent choice that offers superior performance, capacity, and reliability at an affordable price. With Dell's rigorous testing and certification process, you can trust that this hard drive will provide years of dependable service.

Dell 8WR71-CML 300GB 15K 6Gbps Compellent 2.5" SAS Hard Drive

SKU: 43916
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