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The Dell 7N0WM is a refurbished 32GB PC3L-12800L DDR3-1600 4RX4 ECC LRDIMM server memory module designed to enhance server performance and reliability. This memory module features quad rank x4 data width, low voltage, and error-correcting code (ECC) technology, which helps to detect and correct data errors in real-time, ensuring data integrity and system stability. It is compatible with various Dell PowerEdge server models and provides a cost-effective solution for upgrading server memory.

Substitute PN:
F1G9D, HMT84GL7AMR4A-PB, M386B4G70BM0-YK0, M386B4G70BM0-YK00, M386B4G70DM0-YK04, MT72KSZS4G72LZ-1G6E2

Compatible With:
PowerEdge C6220 II
PowerEdge C8220
PowerEdge C8220X
PowerEdge M420
PowerEdge M520
PowerEdge M620
PowerEdge R620
PowerEdge R720
PowerEdge R720XD
PowerEdge T620

Dell 7N0WM 32GB PC3L-12800L DDR3-1600 4RX4 ECC LRDIMM Server Memory

SKU: 45858
  • Our Refurbished products are tested and inspected by our in house technicians. Units may have scratches or other cosmetic imperfections. If you have any concerns about a product please chat with us.
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