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This 43PCJ is a 480GB Mix-Use multi-level cell (MLC) Internal SSD from Dell. is an enterprise-class SSD based on the industry-standard SAS interface and operates at 12-Gb/s transfer rates. SAS SSDs combine superior reliability, data integrity, and data fail recovery making them better than both SATA SSD and Value SAS SSD for applications requiring the highest performance using SAS/SATA drives. Price is higher, but if performance is a strong requirement, then standard SAS SSDs is warranted.

Enterprise SSDs, such as the 43PCJ, as a class are unique against other client or consumer-based SSD in terms of reliability, performance, and architecture. Enterprise-class SSDs are designed around enterprise application I/O (input/output) requirements concentrating on random and sequential I/O performance, reliability, endurance, and protection of data during a sudden power outage. This 480GB Internal SSD from Dell is a part of the Mix Use (MU) category of enterprise SSDs. Offering 70/30 read/write workloads with medium endurance. E-mail/messaging, OLTP, and E-commerce are example workloads.

The Dell 43PCJ is optimized for web server, SQL server and read- intensive storage applications, requiring a balance of reliability, capacity and endurance. With 270k IOPS random read performance, these SSD models deliver sustained, low latency performance to maximize performance. The Enterprise Mixed Use SSD supports 3 DWPD (Drive Writes Per Day) and is designed to deliver high-levels of performance, quality and reliability for read-intensive and mixed-use applications such as media streaming, data warehousing and web servers.

If you need a particular tray for your drive, please contact us.

Substitute PN:
06VJ7, 8Y64H, M854P, N5Y85, 3PR5C, KJ8JV, SDFA583DAB01, PX05SVB048Y

Compatible With:
Dell EMC PowerVault MD1200/MD1220
Dell EMC Storage MD1280
Dell Storage MD1400 and MD1420 enclosures
Dell PowerVault MD3060e
Dell PowerVault MD3400, MD3420, MD3800i, MD3820i, MD3800f, MD3820f, MD3460, MD3860i, and MD3860f storage arrays,
Dell PowerVault MD3200/MD3600/MD3660i/MD3660f
Dell PowerVault ME4012, ME4024, and ME4084 storage systems
Dell PowerVault ME484 JBOD Storage Enclosure
Dell PowerVault NX3240
Dell XC 13G, 14G Servers

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Dell 43PCJ 480GB 12G MU SAS MLC 2.5" SFF Internal SSD Solid State Drive

SKU: 50249
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