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The UCS-SD100G0KA2-S is a cutting-edge storage device designed to meet the demanding needs of modern data centers and enterprise-level applications. With a capacity of 1.6 Terabytes, this high-performance solid-state drive (SSD) offers lightning-fast read and write speeds, enabling you to process large volumes of data quickly and efficiently.Built with advanced NAND flash memory technology and a robust architecture, the UCS-SD100G0KA2-S is engineered for maximum durability, reliability, and endurance. This SSD is optimized for intensive workloads, such as virtualization, cloud computing, and big data analytics, making it an ideal choice for data-intensive applications.With a compact form factor and low power consumption, the UCS-SD100G0KA2-S is an energy-efficient solution that helps reduce your overall operational costs. This drive also features advanced encryption and security features, ensuring the protection and integrity of your sensitive data.Whether you need high-speed storage for your virtualized environments, big data applications, or other demanding workloads, the UCS-SD100G0KA2-S is a powerful and reliable SSD that delivers outstanding performance, durability, and security.

Compatible With:
Cisco UCS B230 M2 Blade Server

Cisco UCS-SD100G0KA2-S 100GB SATA 3G 2.5" Solid State Drive for B230 M2

SKU: 55681
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