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This Cisco UCS-SD100G0KA2-G 100GB drive is an Enterprise Value SSD based on the industry-standard SATA interface and operates at 6-Gb/s transfer rates making it an easy-to-adopt, drop-in HDD replacement, which increases design flexibility and speeds time-to-market. It provides reliable high performance for read-intensive applications such as boot drives, direct attached storage, and blade servers, and can also serve as a primary drive in applications that need more endurance and data reliability than a client drive can provide.

Cisco Enterprise value SSDs provide low endurance and support up to one full-drive write operation per day and are targeted at read-centric I/O applications such as OS boot, streaming media, and collaboration. Enterprise Value SSDs deliver superior performance compared to traditional HDDs by providing relatively large storage capacities at a lower cost, ready to meet the different application environments requirements of your Cisco UCS Server Systems.

SSDs offer significant benefits for some workloads. Customer applications with the most random data requirements will gain the greatest benefit from SSDs compared to HDDs. For typical random workloads, SSDs offer tremendous performance improvements with less need for concern about reliability and write endurance and wear-out. Performance improves further as applications become more parallel and use the full capabilities of SSDs with tiering software or caching applications. The performance improvements gained from SSDs can provide strong justification for their additional cost for random operations.

Substitute PN:
RealSSD P400e

Compatible With:
Cisco UCS C220 M3
Cisco UCS C240 M3
Cisco UCS B200 M3
Cisco UCS B420 M3

Cisco UCS-SD100G0KA2-G 100GB 2.5" SFF 6G SATA Enterprise Value SSD

SKU: 49340
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