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Are you looking to add or replace a solid-state hard drive to your existing storage? This refurbished Cisco 200GB harnesses the latest in solid-state technology via the Serial ATA (SATA) interface.
With a 2.5” small form factor (SFF) and 480GB of storage, this solid-state hard drive (SSD) will provide you with reliable, secure storage at data transfer speeds of 6Gbps. With no moving parts, solid-state drives often last longer than traditional hard drives and are less prone to failure.
This drive offers Multi-level cell (MLC) technology, storing two bits of different levels of charge in one transistor. The primary benefit of MLC flash memory is its lower cost per unit of storage due to the higher data density.
In addition, the drive offers Self Encrypting Drive (SED) technology, offering an efficient means of disk sanitization.


This used Cisco 120GB SSD hard drive is compatible with the following Cisco security appliance firewall systems: Cisco ASA 5512-X through 5555-X

Cisco ASA5500X-SSD120 120GB SATA MLC SED 2.5" SSD for ASA5500-X

SKU: 49446
  • Our Refurbished products are tested and inspected by our in house technicians.Units may have scratches or other cosmetic imperfections. If you have any concerns about a product please chat with us.
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