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The HPE 587225-001 is a factory sealed FBWC (Flash Backed Write Cache) Capacitor Module designed for use with HPE ProLiant servers and compatible storage controllers. This module provides backup power to the write cache memory in the event of a power failure, ensuring data is not lost and can be safely written to disk.

This capacitor module is compatible with the following HPE controllers:

  • Smart Array P410i/512MB FBWC 2-ports Int SAS Controller
  • Smart Array P411/1G FBWC 2-ports Ext SAS Controller
  • Smart Array P212/256MB Controller
  • Smart Array P410/256MB Controller
  • Smart Array P410/512MB BBWC Controller
  • Smart Array P411/256MB Controller
  • Smart Array P411/512MB BBWC Controller
  • Smart Array P711m/1G Controller
  • Smart Array P812/1GB FBWC Controller

It provides a reliable solution for businesses that require uninterrupted data access and protection, ensuring data is not lost during power outages or other unexpected events.

HPE 587225-001 FBWC Capacitor Module Factory Sealed

SKU: 28342 FS
  • Factory sealed products come in the original packaging as it was shipped from the manufacturer. If you have any concerns about a products condition please chat with us.
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