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Upgrade or Rebuild your Dell System with Dell YGY9G Internal Hard Drive to meet today's Information Technology demands. Dell hard drives meet the reliability and performance required to ensure the integrity of data stored in your IT infrastructure and as a result maximum uptime for your data center systems and mission-critical servers. Increase the storage capacity of your system with the 600 GB Hard Drive from Dell. Offering a rotational speed of 15K RPM, this drive provides fast disk access. Featuring a 12Gbps SAS interface, this hard drive delivers enhanced data transfer speeds.

Servers and drives using SAS offer the best performance and most flexibility to build an enterprise-level storage solution today. The SAS interface provides several advantages. Some of the key benefits are that the SAS interface supports a large number of devices that can be hot-pluggable and easy to install or remove. In theory, a SAS domain can support up to 16,384 devices, although not all servers offer that kind of expansion. As well as offering dual ports for redundancy. The data in a SAS drive process through two separate and redundant paths. If, for example, one port goes down, it's possible to access the data through the other port allowing complete failover redundancy for the drive.

Substitute PN:
01W95C, 0DWDVD, 400-ADPE, 400-ADPJ, 400-AEEV, 4J5P1, 5M5TD, 990FD, DYDW0, GK6JN, TRCN6, V5300, WPJY9, HD9H01DAA51

Compatible With:
Dell PowerEdge 2900, Dell PowerEdge 2970, Dell PowerEdge R200, Dell PowerEdge R210, Dell PowerEdge R210 Ii, Dell PowerEdge R300, Dell PowerEdge R310, Dell PowerEdge R320, Dell PowerEdge R410, Dell PowerEdge R415, Dell PowerEdge R420, Dell PowerEdge R510, Dell PowerEdge R515, Dell PowerEdge R520, Dell PowerEdge R710, Dell PowerEdge R720, Dell PowerEdge R720xd, Dell PowerEdge R900, Dell PowerEdge R905, Dell PowerEdge T100, Dell PowerEdge T110, Dell PowerEdge T110 Ii, Dell PowerEdge T300, Dell PowerEdge T310, Dell PowerEdge T320, Dell PowerEdge T410, Dell PowerEdge T420, Dell PowerEdge T610, Dell PowerEdge T620, Dell PowerEdge T710, Dell PowerVault Md1000, Dell PowerVault Md3000, Dell PowerVault Md3000i, Dell PowerVault Md3200, Dell PowerVault Md3220i, Dell PowerVault Md3260, Dell PowerVault Md1220, Dell PowerVault Nx3100

Dell YGY9G EMC 600GB 15K 2.5" SFF 12G SAS HDD Internal Hard Drive

SKU: 56886
  • Our Refurbished products are tested and inspected by our in house technicians.Units may have scratches or other cosmetic imperfections. If you have any concerns about a product please chat with us.
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