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This Dell 6KCYT 960GB 2.5 SFF drive is an enterprise-class SSD based on the industry-standard SATA interface and operates at 6-Gb/s transfer rates. SATA SSDs are based on the industry-standard SATA interface. SATA SSDs provide reasonable performance for enterprise applications where performance is not paramount but minimizing cost is. And with Micron 64-layer 3D TLC NAND technology, the 6KCYT can procvide 3X the capacity of planar NAND technologies while providing better performance and reliability.

Enterprise SSDs, such as the 6KCYT, as a class are unique against other client or consumer-based SSD in terms of reliability, performance, and architecture. Enterprise-class SSDs are designed around enterprise application I/O (input/output) requirements concentrating on random and sequential I/O performance, reliability, endurance, and protection of data during a sudden power outage. This 960GB SATA SSD from Dell is a part of the Mix Use (MU) category of enterprise SSDs. Offering 70/30 read/write workloads with medium endurance. E-mail/messaging, OLTP, and E-commerce are example workloads.
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Dell 6KCYT 960GB SATA 6G 2.5" SFF MU TLC Internal SSD Solid State Drive

SKU: 58244
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