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This Dell Compellent 4NMJF-CML 3.84TB 2.5 SFF drive is an enterprise-class SSD based on the industry-standard SAS interface and operates at 12-Gb/s transfer rates. SAS SSDs combine superior reliability, data integrity, and data fail recovery making them better than SATA SSDs for applications requiring the highest performance using SAS/SATA drives. Price is higher, but if performance is a strong requirement, then a SAS SSD is warranted.

Enterprise SSDs, such as the Dell Compellent 4NMJF-CML, as a class are unique against other client or consumer-based SSD in terms of reliability, performance, and architecture. Enterprise-class SSDs are designed around enterprise application I/O (input/output) requirements concentrating on random and sequential I/O performance, reliability, endurance, and protection of data during a sudden power outage. This 3.84TB SSD from Dell is a part of the Read Intensive (RI) category of enterprise SSDs. Offering 90/10 read/write workloads with lower endurance. This is generally recommended for running database warehousing, media streaming, and VOD workloads. And by utilizing Samsung's state-of-the-art V-NAND flash memory, cost-effective TLC flash memory can address high-end enterprise applications, outperforming older planar MLC flash memory, and providing solid-state performance and reliability at hard drive cost.

Substitute PN:

Dell 4NMJF-CML Compellent 3.84TB RI TLC SAS 12G 2.5" SFF Internal SSD

SKU: 53492
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