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Super Capacitors and How They Are Changing Servers

Posted by Integrity Global on Jan 26th 2018

In previous posts we have mentioned Super Capacitors, a newer technology that is starting to appear in server builds.  In order to properly explain what they are and how they work, we need … read more

SAN vs NAS: What Storage Solution Works Best for You?

Posted by Integrity Global on Jan 19th 2018

While researching the ins and outs of different data center storage solutions, you may have come across the terms SAN and NAS.  While they share very similar wording (Storage Area Network v … read more

Proper Handling Tips for Lithium-Based Batteries

Posted by Integrity Global on Jan 10th 2018

Lithium based batteries are found in the majority of consumer electronics along with a number of networking and data center products.  Most commonly they are found in servers with battery b … read more

Helpful Information on Choosing the Right Server Rack

Posted by Integrity Global on Jan 2nd 2018

Throughout many of our previous blog posts we've made references to racks, rack units, and rack servers.  In today's post, we're actually going to help you identify what kind of rack you ha … read more

What Do You Know About Drive Trays?

Posted by Integrity Global on Dec 22nd 2017

In previous posts we discussed the term "Hot Swap" and how it applies to hard drives in servers.  An element that we didn't dive into, that is equally as important, are the trays the drives … read more