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HPE DL380 G9 vs Dell R730: A Feature Comparison

Posted by Integrity Global on Mar 1st 2018

HPE DL380 G9 VS Dell R730 A Feature Comparison If you've ever tried choosing between major server OEMs, you know that feature comparisons can be difficult.  We've put together this simp … read more

5 Helpful Websites Worth Reading for Your Data Center

Posted by Integrity Global on Feb 27th 2018

In this post, we thought it would be a good idea to pass along some beneficial reading material and resources for anyone working within a data center environment. 1.  Krebs on Security … read more

FlexLOM Modules: A Quick Overview

Posted by Integrity Global on Feb 16th 2018

FlexLOM ModulesA Quick Overview If you've looked into ordering a Gen 8 or newer HPE server you may have come across the term FlexLOM or Flexible LOM.  If you weren't quite sure what that mea … read more

A Quick Guide to Memory Rank

Posted by Integrity Global on Feb 9th 2018

Memory rank, like in the picture above, has two distinct components. The first part of the memory rank equation deals with how the computer processes information or data through the memory; … read more

Helpful Information on Basic Network Interconnections

Posted by Integrity Global on Feb 2nd 2018

If you're a regular reader of our blog, you'll remember we spent some time previously talking about the basics of one of the most common types of network interconnects, SFP modules.  In tod … read more